immersive escape room adventures

Game #1

Saving Christmas

Someone naughty ran off with Santa’s list on Christmas Eve! Santa and his elves need your help to get it back before Christmas morning. Can you help find the list and save Christmas?


Challenge Level: NOT TOO HARD

Game #2

Blackbeard’s End

Become part of Captain Blackbeard’s crew in order to search his ship for the Key to the Seven Seas. Find it to restore peace to the open waters and end his evil reign once and for all.

# OF PLAYERS: 2-10

Challenge Level: SOME DIFFICULTY

Game #3

Aura Rising

The US is conducting research with the help of artificial intelligence aboard a space station. Houston begins receiving messages from the crew requesting evacuation, then radio silence. What is happening? Why won’t they respond? Your crew is going in for a rescue mission.

# OF PLAYERS: 3-10

Challenge Level: BRAIN WILL HURT

This place was an absolute blast! Our whole family had a great time solving the Pirate puzzle. The staff was very friendly and made it a genuinely fun experience.

– Brett Jones

Such a quick easy check in process! The room was super fun and detailed. We will be back for our next date night!

– Brandi Cerone

Great experience and really well done rooms. And yes I am comparing to the rooms they have in Phoenix. The rooms at Joplin were very well done and attention to detail was great. It is comparable to some of the best single room escape rooms in Phoenix.

– Kevin Juanillo

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