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Experience immersive stories and work together to solve mind-challenging puzzles in one of our exciting objective based escape room games.

Game #1

Saving Christmas

Someone naughty ran off with Santa’s list on Christmas Eve! Santa and his elves need your help to get it back before Christmas morning. Can you help find the list and save Christmas?

Game #2

Blackbeard's End

Become part of Captain Blackbeard’s crew in order to search his ship for the Key to the Seven Seas. Find it to restore peace to the open waters and end his evil reign once and for all.

Game #3

The Emperor’s Stone

Armed only with classified documents about your top-secret mission, you have sixty minutes to retrieve the jade lion from the Art Museum director’s office, escape undetected, and restore China’s good fortune.

Game #4

7 blocks

Be the hero and disarm a bomb powerful enough to destroy a 7 block radius. There isn’t enough time to evacuate everyone to safety, so you must follow the bomb squad's instructions to disarm the bomb before time runs out.

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Escape Joplin is Joplin's premier escape room game experience that lets you work as a team to solve mind challenging puzzles and complete exciting objectives with your friends and family.

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