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Part-time Host / Game Master

Role of Host:

The job of a host is to greet customers when they walk in the door. Answer any and all of their questions with 100% accuracy. You may sometimes be required to answer the phone and/or take card or cash payments. You will also explain the rules to groups prior to the group starting their escape room. Cleaning will become your second job, in down time you will keep Escape Joplin shining!

Role of Game Master:

You will sometimes have to explain rules to groups prior to the group starting their escape room. You may also have to help host when staffing requirements dictate. Your primary job will be to watch escape room groups on cameras and assist them with clues as needed or requested. A good understanding of technology and fast typing skills will be important. Your secondary job and equally important will be to reset the rooms with 100% accuracy without fail, no exceptions. This is where good attention to detail is critical! You will also contribute to keeping Escape Joplin so fresh and so clean.

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Escape Joplin is Joplin's premier escape room game experience that lets you work as a team to solve mind challenging puzzles and complete exciting objectives with your friends and family.

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